Ilaria Testa

Principal Investigator
I am a microscopist with an interest in photo-switching and neuro-biology. My focus is to increase the toolbox of methodology for imaging at high spatio-temporal resolution. We approach the problem from different angles including the use of new fluorescent probes and their switching properties, designing and building new microscopes with technological advances in the illumination and detection schemes as well as in their automated control.

Giovanna Coceano

Postdoctoral Researcher
I am a cellular biologist with an interest in neuroscience and optical microscopy. My focus is to investigate the intricate network of mitochondria, their nanoscale organization and their dynamic distribution in relation to other organelles inside the complex neuronal morphology. Therefore, I am combining different optical methods with new labelling strategies to expand the possibilities for live-cell optical fluorescence nanoscopy of organelles in neurons.

Francesca Pennacchietti

Postdoctoral Researcher
I am a biophysics with an interest in fluorescence microscopy. My research focus is in the investigation of the tight link that exist between photophysical complexity of fluorophore and super resolution techniques.

Andrea Volpato

Postdoctoral Researcher
I am a physical chemist with a background in non-linear optical spectroscopy. My expertise includes the development of advanced optical systems, investigation of complex photo-physics in biological processes, and theoretical modeling of spectroscopic data. I’m developing new tools in functional imaging, exploiting switchable transitions in fluorescent proteins, and organic dyes.

Dirk Ollech

Postdoctoral Researcher
My background is in chemical biology. I combine methods of chemistry and molecular biology to develop new tools to manipulate and study living cells and organisms with optical microscopy techniques.

Mariline Silva

Postdoctoral Researcher
I am a neurobiologist interested in studying the dynamic processes elicited by synaptic activity. Currently, I am using advanced labelling techniques and live cell optical nanoscopy to investigate the effects of synaptic activity in the organization and distribution of synaptic organelles with high spatial-temporal resolution.

Andreas Bodén

PhD Student
With a background in biomedical and electrical engineering I joined the Testa group in 2016 for my master thesis. I later enrolled as a PhD student and have since then worked with the design and implementation of our parallelized RESOLFT microscopes together with simulations and theoretical modelling of modern super resolution imaging systems. With an interest in both the theoretical and practical I hope to contribute to a more accurate and holistic understanding of the imaging systems we use and the data they produce.

Jonatan Alvelid

PhD Student
I am an engineering physicist and nanotechnologist by training, with acquired experience in optical microscopy and programming. With my diverse background I am developing a range of tools that I hope will support the usage of our microscopes for biological applications. This includes automatization of the microscopes and data acquisition, improved and automatized image analysis pipelines, and new probes. During my PhD I am mainly developing and applying a STED nanoscopy setup that brings these pieces closer together in ways that I believe will be useful for the community.

Martina Damenti

PhD Student
I am a Neurobiologist with a background in optical microscopy. I have a strong interest in studying the molecular mechanisms behind memory formation and learning in neurons, with a particular focus on the dynamic nanoscale organization of pre and post synaptic compartment. I combine the development of new genetically encoded tags with new labelling strategies for optical fluorescence nanoscopy to shed light on synaptic contacts.

Xavier Casas Moreno

PhD Student
I bring my electrical engineering background into the multidisciplinary field of super-resolution microscopy! I want to have new ideas for tools that push the creation and acceleration of new biological applications by understanding the current research gaps and collaborating with my colleagues. More specifically, in my PhD I'm exploring the challenges of RESOLFT and pushing the throughput in terms of large field of view and faster recordings with my MoNaLISA setup.


Elham Jalalvand, Postdoctoral Researcher
Staffan Al-Kadhimi, Intern and Collaborator
Lea Rems, Postdoctoral Researcher
Debu, Intern
Sophie, Intern
Joseph, Intern
Andrea Bucci, Master Student
Federico Barabas, Postdoctoral Researcher
Jes Dreier, Postdoctoral Researcher
Luciano Masullo, Visiting PhD Student
Elin Sandberg, Master Student
Aurelien Barbotin, Master Student
Eleonora Uriati, Master student
Francesco Fersini, Master student
Shusei Masuda, Master Student

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